Be an Informed Voter!

There is so much information to look at. This is a guided tour through the material on the Building Projects. It can help you make an informed decision about the proposed building projects while putting to rest some misconceptions. Where should you start?

Start with the most recent information overview. Then dig in for a fuller understanding.

While New Construction of both Consolidated and NFHS is the the best and cheapest solution, were options considered?

Options to New Construction were considered:

Please note that the Capital Projects numbers listed above were updated to the numbers given in the Public Hearing Presentation on 9/16/19.

It is also important to note that the Options (Various Capital Projects and Alterations to Existing) do not include “disruption costs”. This means that the Options estimates do not include the portable classrooms that would be needed. To put that in perspective, at the public hearing it was mentioned that the cost of portable classrooms for a school with about 400 students cost $9 Million just for the portables.  To put that into perspective New Fairfield has approximately 350 students (PK-1) in Consolidated and approximately 700 students in the High School.  Disruption Costs for Consolidated would likely add about $9 Million to the Consolidated Options and about $16 Million to High School Options shown above.

Why are we looking at this now?

These buildings have reached the ends of their lives. There are many problems.

We have Kicked the can down the road for too long!

What are the Advantages to building new builings?

How can I learn more and gain a deeper understanding?

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