This is the latest information on the New Fairfield Public Schools Proposed Building Projects.

This information is from the Public Hearing Held on September 16th in the High School Auditorium.

Guests from the State at the 9/16/19 Public Hearing included:

  • Konstantinos (Kosta) Diamantis – Director, Office of School Construction Grants & Review, Department of Administrative Services, State of Connecticut
  • Kermit Thompson, Review Architect in the Office of School Construction Grants & Review

Key Elements in the Video to watch for are comments by Kosta Diamantis. Kosta’s comments starts around the 0:02:00 mark in the Public Hearing video.

  Below is one key comment.

Here are a few of his comments:

“Forty portable classrooms that we recently did on a major reconstruction project … cost $9 million … for 412 students.”  (Around 0:07:00 minute mark)

We say most buildings go 50 years, is a life of a building.”  (Around 0:14:20 minute mark)

Unfortunately folks, it is our determination … this building is just not worth saving.  It just doesn’t have good bones.  It does not have good organization to it.  It lacks light.  It’s just a lousy design.  And we need to create something that students in this building will enjoy, have a great learning environment, have energy efficiency, HVAC systems …”  (Around 0:24:10 minute mark)

You certainly have every right to put forward a renovation project, but I would not recommend it to the Commissioner, or to the Governor, or to the Legislature for funding (by the state).  … of course, you can renovate it on your own if that is what you choose to do.  Construction Grants is not an entitlement program.”  (Around 0:26:40 minute mark)

It is time for these bones to go.  That is our opinion” (Around 0:27:50 minute mark)

Kosta started answering questions around 0:28:10 minute mark.

Because the New Fairfield Schools and the Town of New Fairfield may not expend municipal funds to influence any person to vote for approval or disapproval of a referendum once it is sent to a town meeting, they can no longer maintain these documents on the Schools or Town Website.

Don’t worry, we want you to be informed so you can make an informed vote, so we have the documents here.

(Public Hearing Handout pdf (updated for information from Public Hearing) (1 page)

Public Hearing Presentation pdf (35 slides / pages)

undefined 9/16/19 Public Hearing (video – 3 hours and 14 minutes long)

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