Additional Information not found elsewhere on this website.

For those who really like to dig into the numbers, the following pdf document is still available on the New Fairfield Schools website – Revised Debt Service Summary 6.20.19 (10 pages)

Videos of past presentations are also still available on the New Fairfield Schools website.  While historical, the most recent information is presented in the 9/16/19 Public Hearing (video – 3 hours and 14 minutes long)

Because the New Fairfield Schools and the Town of New Fairfield may not expend municipal funds to influence any person to vote for approval or disapproval of a referendum once it is sent to a town meeting, they can no longer maintain these documents on the Schools or Town Website.

Documents no longer available on the New Fairfield Schools website (all pdf documents), include the following:

  • Community Forum Presentation (3/26/2019) (26 pages)
  • Presentation from QA&M on Educational Specifications and Design Implications (4/19/19) (24 pages)
  • Presentation from QA&M with detailed cost estimates (4/23/19) (33 pages)
  • Presentation on Preliminary Debt Service and Operating Savings (5/2/19 – revised 5/6/19) (11 pages)
  • BOE – BOF Preferred Options (5/5/2019) (10 pages)
  • Permanent Building Committee Presentation (5/21/19) (15 pages)
  • Project Update Presentation (BOE Meeting 6/20/19) (16 pages)
  • BOE Public Hearing (8/1/2019) (41 pages)
  • BOE Building Project Update (9/5/19) (4 pages)

While still available, we have not included them on this website as they have all been updated and included in other documents that are available on this website.

Be an Informed Voter!  Make an informed decision!

Then VOTE Yes at the Referendum

October 5th from 6 am to 8 pm (expected) at Meeting House Hill School

Support OUR Children!  Support OUR Town!

Paid for by Build New Fairfield’s Future – Treasurer Josh Becket Flores, Chairman Eric Alviti