Are the schools really in this bad of condition?

Again, the answer is YES!

These buildings have reached the ends of their lives.  There are many problems.

We have kicked the can down the road for too long!

Kosta Diamantis (Director, Office of School Construction Grants & Review, Department of Administrative Services, State of Connecticut) Spoke about the conditions at the Public Hearing. Below are his comments. (the entire video of the Public Hearing can be found on the Dig in Here page

Below is a brief overview of Conditions at Consolidated and at the High School.

Of course the High School is structurally sound – otherwise we wouldn’t allow it to be used. That doesn’t mean it is any condition to sustain the kind of renovation to meet educational requirements and provide the kind of learning environment our kids deserve. You can’t hang an ADA compliant elevator of the back of the building. It would be enormously expensive to introduce sunlight into all the windowless spaces. The auditorium is beyond repair. And on and on.

You can learn even more details by reading the following full reports:

Consolidated School Conditions Summary (updated 5/8/2019) (28 pages)

NFHS Conditions Summary (updated 5/8/2019) (38 pages)

For the High School, you can go back to the Werner Report, dated April 1976.  These are not new problems.

Warner Report on NFHS (April 1976) (78 pages)

The School District was also cited in the NEASC Warning Letter for both Consolidated and the High School.

NEASC Warning Letter (May 15, 2019) (4 pages)

Are there specs?

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