Are there really Specs?

We have detailed Educational Specifications for both Consolidated and the High School (see below).  We also have Enrollment Projections for all schools (see below).  From these, following the State process, we have Conceptual Designs and Costs.  This took us to the grant application and support for the referendum.

Some have asked why we don’t have detailed drawings like we did for Meeting House Hill School.  First, according to statements made at the Board of Education meeting on September 19th, the drawings used for the Meeting House Hill School were similar to the Consolidated and High School drawings, they too were conceptual designs only. 

Board of Education Member, Greg Flanagan, addressed this at the September 19th BOE meeting.

If you want to look at the entire MHHS Renovation Presentation from March 2009 you can find it here –

MHHS Renovation Presentation, March 18, 2009 (19 pages)

There is a very good reason why more detailed drawings and designs have not yet been produced – we are following the process required by the State of Connecticut in order to get the maximum amount of state funding for the project.  By Statute, the design phase of this project is required to go out to bid.  The Town cannot solicit work outside of that process.  Furthermore, the cost of the design phase including construction drawings will approach $5,000,000. The cost of detailed drawings alone will approach $1,000,000. It is fiscally irresponsible to spend this amount of taxpayer money without an approved referendum.

The design phase will take approximately 18 months and will be subject to both public review and state approval. Keep in mind that the cost of the project approved at referendum is the maximum allowable project cost. The final design must stay within that budget.

You can learn even more details by reading the following documents:

Consolidated Early Learning Academy Ed Specs (updated 6/20/2019) (74 pages)

New Fairfield High School Ed Specs (updated 6/20/2019) (164 pages)

2018-19 NESDEC Enrollment Projections (with Analysis) (15 pages)

But What If the Referendum Fails?

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