No one likes to pay taxes, and no one likes an increase in taxes. With that said, investment is needed in our elementary school and high school. The current school leadership (including the Board of Education), partnering with the current town leadership (including the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance) have engaged the state for participation and funding. The state officials recognize the poor condition of both Consolidated School and New Fairfield High School and have made it clear they will not provide state reimbursement for Capital Projects nor for Alterations to Existing Buildings. They are old, poorly built, and they have bad bones.

The School and Town Leaders carefully studied the existing problems and deficiencies (most of which have existed for over a decade but were not addressed).  The School Leaders looked carefully at what the educational needs are for each school and studied future enrollment estimates.  Before learning that the state would only fund New Schools in New Fairfield, the School Leadership carefully studied three main options – Alterations to Existing Buildings, Capital Projects, and New Buildings.  The initial belief was that Alterations to Existing Buildings would be the approach that would be taken.   All of this was done with the help of multiple professionals.

The School and Town Leaders followed new state procedures and met several times with the state (Office of School Construction Grants & Review, Department of Administrative Services).  Partnering with the state resulted in getting a better reimbursement from the state for the two New Schools.  New Fairfield will get 37.2% state reimbursement for building a New Consolidated Early Learning Academy and will get 26.8% on a New High School.  Simply put, the state will give us 37 cents for every $1 invested in a new Consolidated Early Learning Academy (meaning New Fairfield only has to contribute 63 cents).  Similarly, the state will give us 27 cents for every $1 invested in a new High School.

An investment in our school will hopefully translate into an increased appreciation of your home value.  While many factors go into the value of your home, we think we can all agree that new schools will be an attraction to home buyers which would hopefully generate a return on your tax investment.

This chart is a look at taxes using actual properties from the list of all properties in New Fairfield.  This includes ALL properties on the tax roll in New Fairfield – a total of 6,211 properties on New Fairfield’s Tax List.

It shows both the Appraisal Value and the Net Assessment Value (used for tax calculations). It shows not only the median value (also known as the 50th percentile of values and the value most often referred to) but also the 25th, 75th and 90th percentile values and the average along with explanations of what each of these means.

Note that the median home (Appraisal Value of $291,600 and a Net Assessed Value of $204,100) will pay $1,887.93 in cumulative additional taxes for the Schools Projects in the first six years, including $573 in the sixth year and the tax relating to the Schools Projects goes down after that.  Half will pay more but half will also pay less.

While this provides some good information on various sized homes in New Fairfield, you probably want to know about YOUR home.  You can look up the assessed value of YOUR property on the document below by street and number and see the impact on your taxes over the first 6 years.

undefined Tax Analysis Lookup for All Homes in New Fairfield (183 pages)

For this sacrifice by all taxpayers, we will have two state-of-the-art learning environments for our kids.  By the way, Kids under 18 represent about 27% of New Fairfield’s population.  Those 65 and over represents about 12% of the population, with the remaining 61% made up of hard working 18 to 64 year old adults who are the parents of all those kids and the children of some of those older adults.

Are the Projects being rushed?

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